Active Rehabilitation

Feb 27 2020 - Synergy-9

Active rehabilitation treats a range of joint and soft tissue injuries through tailored exercise-based programs. It is conducted by a kinesiologist and covered by ICBC as part of post-accident care.

Understanding that injuries sustained from an accident can be traumatic, our compassionate kinesiologists will work one-on-one with you from your initial diagnosis until your functionality and stability is restored.

If you have been involved in an unfortunate motor vehicle accident, no matter who was at fault, active rehab will be one of the rehabilitative treatments available to you through ICBC. In addition to chiropractic care, physiotherapy, counseling and massage; active rehab forms the exercise-based component of your customized treatment plan. And because Synergy Rehab is a multi-disciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists, all of your treatments can be done at the same conveniently located clinic.

Should you be recovering from any other painful injury or condition, active rehab will also be of great benefit to your journey. Working one-on-one with one of our movement and biomechanics experts will help you to heal in the best way possible for your body.

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