A message from the Management Team

Synergy Rehabilitation is committed to the health, safety and welfare of its staff and contractors. Navigating through this pandemic has been challenging for customeroriented businesses like ours. Adjusting to this “new normal” is paramount, and it will require our absolute commitment, and adaptability to safeguard the health of our teams and patients.
In this document, we have outlined our plan of action moving forward, always keeping two priorities in mind, safety and maximized efficiency. Considering all safety measures, and in compliance with the provincial government and WorkSafe BC; Synergy Rehab has developed a thorough plan that requires compliance and commitment from our whole team.

All decisions made in the development of this plan were made with the abovementioned priorities in mind. We welcome any thoughts and suggestions at this time.
This plan is subject to change to be in compliance with the colleges guidelines and it
will be modified to comply with all the governing authorities accordingly.
All we can ask of each of you is to be patient, and mindful of the new procedures. Your
compliance will help all of us navigate through this pandemic more effectively while
minimizing risks.
In advance we give you a big thank you!


Synergy Rehab’s Management Team


a. Therapists and Staff:

Both therapists, and staff members are expected to inform the Management Team regarding any sickness or COVID-19 like symptoms. We understand allergies, cold and the flu are common during this time of year and as a preventative measure, we will be asking all Synergy Rehab team members to stay home for 14 days if they are experiencing shortness of breath, fever, dry cough, chest pain, and tiredness. If you wish to return to work earlier, you may provide a clearance note from your GP showing your COVID-19 test results (negative).

b. Patients:

  • If a patient is ill or shows any COVID-19 related symptoms, the staff at the front
    desk must CANCEL any upcoming appointments for 14 days as a preventative
    measure. Kindly document the conversation highlights in Jane.
  • Patients may also provide a GP clearance note conveying the assessment of their
    symptoms and negative COVID-19 results.
  • Patients are required to give us a 24hr cancellation notice, but no penalty or fees
    will be applied until the pandemic ends.

2. P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment)

a. Staff:

  • All members of the staff will be required to wear a MASK (disposable)
    throughout the whole shift.
  • Plexiglass shields and an additional barrier are placed at each location to create a
    barrier between arriving patients and the front desk
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to all staff members. We recommend its
    continuous use throughout the day.

b. Therapists:

  • All therapists are encouraged to use GLOVES, and required to wear a MASK (disposable), and SCRUBS (encouraged but optional) while at the clinic, especially when coming in direct contact with patients and fellow co-workers.
  • Hand sanitizer bottles will be placed on each treating room for the use of
    therapists before and after appointments.
  • Alcohol based soap/ antibacterial soap will be available on each treating room
    and washrooms.

c. Patients:

  • Masks (disposable) are mandatory for patients. If a patient does not have a mask,
    it will be offered for free
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front desk for patient use and its use is
    required prior to touching any surfaces.


Safety and proper distancing procedures are a priority during this pandemic. In order to limit exposure and overcrowding at each clinic, we ask you comply with the following procedures:

a. New check-in process

Upon arrival, PATIENTS will be required to:
1) Follow the social distancing markers, arrows and signage.
2) No sitting spaces will be offered in the waiting area.
3) No beverages will be available during the pandemic.
4) A maximum of two people may stand socially distanced in the waiting area at a time.
5) At arrival, patients will provide their names and they will be asked to use hand sanitizer prior to touching any surfaces or pens to sign the COVID-19 screening forms.
6) Patients will be prompted to enter a previously sanitized treating room and wait for their appointment to start.
*Prompting patients to the treating room immediately upon arrival will decrease the number of patients we have at a given period of time at the front, hallways, and clinics.
* If patients arrive more than 3 minutes earlier, they will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicles.
* Patients will be asked to keep all belongings such as water bottles at home.
* Patients will not be allowed to bring family members along, only patients receiving treatment will be allowed inside the clinic unless the patient is a minor and the parent/guardian wants to be present.

b. Markers and signage

Markers reminding patients to keep their social distance (2m) will be placed on the floor in the waiting area. Using these markers properly will help the staff, and therapists to guide patients while remaining socially distanced.

Signage reminding patients to keep their distance, advising limited venue capacity, using hand sanitizer, and advising to stay home if they are experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms will be placed at the entry door, inside the clinic and treating rooms.

c. Room distancing

In an effort to address venue capacity, social distancing, and limited exposure, Synergy
Rehab therapists will:
1) Have a 15 min difference with the therapist working next door (staggered shifts)
2) Have a 10 min break in between appointments for Physiotherapists and RMTs, and a 5 min break for Chiropractors (used for charting and thorough sanitization)
3) Therapists with gaps in their schedule are kindly asked to either remain in the assigned treatment room or leave the premises until their next appointment.
4) The staff room will be limited to 2 people at the time maximum.
5) All supplies must be available in each room prior to the start of each shift

d. Treatment Room Sanitization Protocol

Therapists and Admins will be expected to:
1) Wash your hands for 20 seconds with antibacterial soap, then wear a pair of gloves (optional) and a mask before starting the sanitization protocol.
2) Begin the sanitization process by using antibacterial sprays or wipes such as Lysol or other comparative brands (provided by Synergy Rehab) to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces that were or will be in contact with any patients, this includes equipment machines, door handles, tables, countertops, etc.
3) Dispose of gloves used to treat patients (skin contact).
4) Therapists are kindly asked to place all used linens in the main black bag that will be picked up by Washout by the end of the day (by doing this, you are limiting the admins exposure to the virus).
5) Before the end of your shift, repeat the sanitization process, and wash your hands all the way to your elbows for 20 seconds with soap.
6) If wearing scrubs, please change your clothes before you leave the clinic.
7) Avoid making continuous trips to the front desk, staff room, and supply areas. Plan ahead for the rest of your shift and keep your social distance with other members of the staff and therapists.
8) All Clinic Managers must ensure the thorough sanitization of the clinic is done at least every hour. Delegate and take turns in compliance with the “daily tasks checklist” (please see attachment below)

e. Booking process

Patients will be encouraged to book their appointments via 2 methods: online or over the phone. Taking this approach will ensure we decrease the number of patients at the front desk and waiting area, limit the length of exposure, and offer a more efficient, comfortable, and safe customer service to our patients. We ask all therapists to encourage and remind patients to use any of the two methods mentioned above. Upon arrival, any outstanding balance must be prepaid before heading to the treatment room in order to avoid overcrowding by the end of the session


Depending on the size and capacity of each clinic, staffing numbers will vary. Our commitment to our staff members is to ensure we provide them with a safe, and socially distanced work environment.
All staff members are required to follow all protocols and procedures accordingly.

Therefore, the following parameters must be enforced DAILY:


– Without a mask: ONLY 1 staff member at the time shall use the staff room for purposes of eating lunch/snacks. Any action that may require any staff member to remove their mask such as eating may happen only inside the staff room.

– With masks: No more than 2 staff members shall be allowed in the staff room while wearing a mask.


– ALL staff members (front desk and therapists) temperature shall be taken upon arrival to the clinic and recorded next to their name when signing their daily COVID-19 log form.


– ALL surfaces such as phones, desk, used pens, sitting areas, door handles shall be sanitized frequently by the staff.


– ALL COVID consent forms are consciously filled out and signed DAILY by ALL staff and therapists.
a. Patients: all patients must sign any and all required COVID forms and attached to their patient file accordingly. (IN CLINIC REQUIREMENTS)


– ALL staff members, and patients shall wear a mask at all times, no exceptions while inside the clinic.


– NO overcrowding in the waiting area shall be allowed. At all times no more than 2 patients shall be allowed in the waiting area.

a. Upon learning a patient/staff member has tested positive for COVID 19, all members must follow Synergy’s COVID plan. The Manager at each location must immediately notify the Management Team so they can coordinate and perform contact tracing.
b. If a patient has tested positive, ask the patient to isolate for 14 days and document it in their Jane profile.
c. If a staff member has tested positive, the Manager will notify the The management team and ask the Synergy member to quarantine until Fraser Health deems them non-infectious.
d. No washroom use will be offered to patients, just Synergy staff. Upon using the bathroom, each staff member or therapist must sanitize the door handle, faucets, and surfaces in compliance with the COVID procedures.
e. No beverages shall be offered (coffee/water) in-clinic to any patients.


a. Clinic Sanitization Protocol (All Clinics)

Upon arrival and throughout the day ADMINS are required to:
1) Wash their hands with antibacterial soap for no less than 20 seconds.
2) Wear gloves and a mask throughout the whole shift.
3) Thoroughly clean before opening the clinic to the public. The sanitization process must include all surfaces such as door handles, entry glass door, chairs, beds, machines, counters, phones, and plexiglass must be wiped down thoroughly with an antibacterial spray or wipes.
4) Fully stock all treatment rooms with all supplies necessary for the day, including linnens, gels/lotion/oils, sanitizing equipment, machines, and any additional tools.
5) Diligently sanitize all surfaces throughout the day (every 30 minutes).
6) Be prompt and efficient to help patients learn and comply with our protocols.
7) Cancel any patients showing COVID-19 like symptoms.
8) Maintain a high standard of commitment to maintaining all safety and sanitizing protocols.

Upon arrival and throughout the day THERAPISTS are required to:
1) Wash their hands with antibacterial soap for no less than 20 seconds.
2) Wear gloves and a mask throughout the whole shift.
3) Ensure the treatment room to be used is fully stocked with the supplies needed.
4) Diligently sanitize all surfaces throughout the day during each 10 minute break.
5) Be prompt and efficient to help patients learn and comply with our protocols.
6) Maintain a high standard of commitment to maintaining all safety and sanitizing protocols.
7) Keep a social distance of 2 metres with fellow therapists and staff members.

Additional Safety Protocol:
1) Washrooms must be sanitized following any staff/therapist use.
2) All coffee machines will be out of order.
3) Patients will receive a courtesy call 24hrs before any appointment to ensure they
are in good health and are aware of our requirements (PPE, distancing, markers,
etc), protocols, and are not experiencing any COVID like symptoms.


Operational hours are now back to normal until the BC government or governing authority indicated otherwise. We actively monitor each clinic operations to ensure safety and efficiency for all staff members and therapists

Please Note: This plan is subject to change to match each college guidelines as
required. We have based this plan in compliance with the provincial government
and WorkSafe BC.

7. Daily Task Checklist

8. Daily COVID-19 Screening and Consent Log


I confirm that I currently do not present any of the following symptoms:
– Fever greater than 37.5 C – Cough – Sore Throat
– Shortness of Breath – Flu-like symptoms – Runny Nose
I can also confirm that I have not been in contact with anyone who is positive for COVID-19 and I have
not travelled outside of British Columbia in the past 14 days. I understand that BC’s Provincial Health
Officer has asked individuals to maintain physical distancing of at least 2M (6 ft) and it is not possible
to maintain physical distance.
I HEREBY NOW AND FOREVER RELEASE AND DISCHARGE the treatment provider, and each of their
affiliates, agents, employees, contractors, insurers, successors, and assigns, from any loss, costs,
damages or expenses which I and/or the patient may suffer or sustain as a result of contracting the
novel coronavirus or COVID-19.
I further understand that by executing this release and waiver, and accepting the specific
consideration as recited above, I and or/ the patient and anyone claiming through or on behalf of
myself and/or the patient will be forever foreclosed from any claim for damages arising out of the

Please Note: This plan is subject to change to match each college guidelines as
required. We have based this plan in compliance with the provincial government
and WorkSafe BC.