Eliza Hippel

Interim Physiotherapist

Eliza completed her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2019. She has also worked as a Personal Trainer for the last 5 years; specializing in mobility, strength and conditioning. Eliza’s passion for health and fitness and drive to help others has lead her into the field of physiotherapy. Through Eliza’s education, personal training experience and her own fitness journey, she has gained a deep understanding of the human body and rehabilitation process. Eliza looks at the body as a whole when developing treatment plans, with the understanding that no one area of the body works in isolation and we must examine the whole body system to eliminate pain and prevent injury. 

Eliza is committed to providing education to clients that will empower them to understand the root cause of their condition and the tools for a successful recovery. In combination with specific manual therapy and individualized exercise prescription, Eliza provides treatment plans to ensure clients are able to function at their fullest potential. Eliza is committed to life-long learning and works in close partnership with the Physiotherapists around her to support continuous professional development. Eliza focuses her practice on injury prevention, developing mindful movers and injury recovery.

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