Katherine Lamar

Registered Physiotherapist

Katherine received her degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from University of the Philippines-Manila. She has worked in a variety of settings including tertiary hospital, outpatient setting and home health physiotherapy for almost six years back in her home country. She looks forward to keep upgrading her skills to match the needs of patients here in Canada.

She believes education plays an integral role in any physiotherapy treatment, and that along with the treatment that we provide in clinic, we also aim to teach patients to help themselves get better, protect themselves from further or any future injury, and have a more functional and more active lifestyle. She provides the right amount of manual techniques, use of modalities, and appropriate exercises tailored to specific needs of individual clients.

She’s always had her interest in the healthcare field, and what made her love this profession was when someone said to her: “while medical doctors help extend the lives of patients, we physiotherapists are responsible for giving quality to those lives”; and that’s what she always aims to do.

Outside of work, she is in the extreme ends of just chilling at home with tv shows on, or be on the active end where she enjoys hiking and learning different forms of martial arts

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