Kurtis Thygesen

Massage Therapist

2008 graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapies (3000 hour program). 2018 graduate of Langara College’s Holistic Yoga Teacher Training (250 hour program). Kurtis has come to see a connection between lack of movement, the disconnection from the body, and the path to pain and disease.Something as simple as disconnection from breath leads to a plethora of postural imbalance as well as the inability to connect into states of relaxation where one’s parasympathetic nervous system can heal the body. When the average person takes 22,000 breaths in a day, the question is how often does one pay attention to this breath? And how many of these breaths cultivate necessary rest and relaxation. Through the hustle and bustle of this fast paced world, it becomes hard to slow things down; it becomes hard to take a moment, take a breath, and reconnect to oneself, which makes it ever more essential. We are often looking towards the future or living in our past memories. This amplifies stress, anxiety, and depression, and learning to be present in a moment is the treatment. Learning tools such as breathing modification, meditation, and postural exercises such as yoga will help one stay present in these moments, and help one cultivate awareness rather than fester in the common disconnection that many feel. Kurtis aims to break the cycle of stagnation of mind and movement and show his patients how to better connect to their breath and body, and gift the potential of self healing. He hopes to make all his patients feel safe, welcome, comfortable, and as relaxed as possible. With nine years massage therapy experience under his oil belt, he enjoys using a variety of techniques, tools, and tests to tailor treatments towards their therapeutic needs

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