Physiotherapy restores and maintains muscle and joint mobility. It encompasses a range of physical rehabilitation and orthopedic injury prevention techniques that encourage patient participation.

At Synergy Rehab, our compassionate physiotherapists use a patient-centered approach to help you heal safely in the shortest time possible.

After carefully assessing and diagnosing your condition, our licensed healthcare professionals will tailor a treatment plan that may involve a combination of the following: manual mobilizations, massage, electrotherapy, IMS, acupuncture, taping and rehabilitative exercises.

Our general aim is to restore normal biomechanics by reducing the tension of your key muscles and mobilizing stiff joints. We will work together to increase your strength, restore your full range of movement, alleviate pain, and eventually empower you with tools to reduce your risk of recurring injuries.

Should your condition be chronic, we’ll do our very best to help improve your pain management and overall quality of life. Our team also specializes in ICBC physiotherapy which may be fully covered for the first 25 treatment sessions.

Conditions treated:

  • Soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains & whiplash)
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Swelling, inflammation & joint discomfort (various forms of tendinitis & bursitis)
  • Incontinence (management & pelvic floor re-education)
  • Spinal trauma & connective tissue injuries (disc herniation)
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation & wound care

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