Reza Hazrati

Registered Massage Therapist

Reza treats his patients with the utmost care and strives to reduce pain and discomfort, while promoting wellness. 

Before becoming a Massage Therapist, Reza worked as a family physician for 8 years. He worked hard in his studies as English is not his first language and knew that he had to go the extra mile to achieve his goals. After working in a spa environment for several years, he is ready to use his knowledge and apply it in a rehabilitation setting. He is keen on using his knowledge and experience to give his patients the best possible care they need and deserve. He always puts his best foot forward and is great at making connections. He is resilient, caring, intelligent, and funny, among many other things. 

Reza believes that with his wonderful experience and the education that he has garnered, he will be able to assist patients with achieving their goals in their treatment. He enjoys using a variety of techniques to help assist patients in reaching their needs. 

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