Tien Min (Timmie) Hsiung

Registered Massage Therapist

Timmie aims to enhance one’s mind-body connection to promote pain-free living. He treats a variety of patients from athletes with sports-related injuries to people dealing with chronic pain or anyone seeking a relaxation massage. He also gained valuable experience treating patients at Positive Living BC, CrossFit Convention, Sun Run Marathon, BCIT, and elderly care homes. He promotes self-awareness and self-rehabilitation and guides his patients with relevant home care exercises.
Timmie is skilled in manual fascial release, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and active therapy technique. His model is a patient-centered model. He listens to patients and communicates with them to determine the best possible modalities for their tolerance.
In his spare time, Timmie enjoys going to the gym and running. He believes in maintaining optimal physical health to keep the mind fueled with positive energy. He is a food lover and dreams of traveling to taste the best cuisines in the world. “Together, let’s start connecting mind to body and pave the way to pain-free living.”

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