Wonyoung Yu


Wonyoung (Young) YU is a registered acupuncturist in BC (CTCMA). Young specializes in pain management with the Traditional Chinese Medicine – combining Balanced method, Sa Am chim technique, and Scalp/Ear Acupuncture as well as Electro-acupuncture. He is also proficient in acupressure (Tuina massage), various glass cupping techniques, and scrapping (GuaSha) therapy. These therapies quickly reduce pain and restore the balance between muscles by improving Qi and blood circulation. Overall can provide well-rounded healing in chronic pain, sports injuries, and MVA whiplash injuries. He also has a special interest in coordinating emotional and physical balance. He uses a traditional acupuncture technique to help with physical and emotional disorders including stress-resulting symptoms/diseases, insomnia, anxiety, and depression by re-balancing the energies of Yin & Yang and restoring the functions of internal organs. He has completed the 4 years TCM Practitioner program at the Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He originally studied Music in Korea and worked as a professional music composer for over a decade. His goal is to bring holistic health into your life which comes from mind-body healing.

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