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At Synergy Rehab, we are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal physical health. In this uplifting video testimonial, several of our patients share their remarkable journeys to recovery with the help of our skilled physiotherapists. Watch now to see how our personalized treatment plans and dedicated team have made a significant impact on their paths to wellness.

Physiotherapy Clinic Surrey

physiotherapy clinic
near surrey, new Westminster, Burnaby and Richmond.​

Recovering from an injury can be challenging. We’re here to restore your function with physiotherapy in a comfortable, educational environment. At our Synergy Rehab locations in Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby and Richmond, you’ll find a reputable physiotherapy clinic that provides you with the quality medical care you need to get back to doing the things you love. You’ll work with a highly experienced physiotherapist who will create a personalized treatment plan to address your needs and get the results you want.

get a personalized treatment plan

When you make a physio appointment at our clinics in Surrey, New Westminster, and Richmond, you’ll meet with experienced physiotherapists to evaluate your condition and determine the best treatment options to meet your needs and restore your body’s function. We offer the following medical care to our patients:

We’ll help you feel better and heal from your injuries as quickly and safely as possible.

Physiotherapy Treatments Surrey

ICBC and WorkSafe Treatment at Synergy Rehab

Our Synergy Rehab clinics specialize in ICBC and WorkSafe treatments, aiming to provide seamless and personalized care ensuring a thorough recovery.

If you’re recovering from a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury, Synergy Rehab covers your rehabilitation through ICBC and WorkSafeBC claims, offering a full scope of treatment options. Recovering from a car accident can be complicated, but getting coverage for your medical treatments from ICBC doesn’t need to be.

For dedicated post-accident or workplace injury care, schedule your appointment with Synergy Rehab today.

work with an
exceptional team

If you need physiotherapy to recover from your injury you can count on our top-tier team of physiotherapists in Surrey, Richmond, and New Westminster to give you the best medical care. We work with you closely to determine the root cause of your pain and give the best options to recover quickly and effectively. Whether you need a chiropractor, a physiotherapist or a kinesiologist, we’re ready to give you the compassionate care you require.

Contact our rehabilitation clinics in Surrey, Richmond, or New Westminster today to schedule your first appointment!

Thomas Bergmann - Massage Therapist

Thomas Bergmann

Massage Therapist

Binant Litt – Physiotherapist

Binant Litt


Rachelle Kutin - Massage Therapist

Rachelle Kutin


Dr. Sanjeet Aujla – Chiropractor

Dr. Sanjeet Aujla


Dr. John Milne – Chiropractor

Dr. John Milne


Sonali Kochar – Physiotherapist

Sonali Kochar


rehabilitation services

We offer a comprehensive list of rehabilitation services, as well as no fee for treatments under ICBC claims.


Physiotherapy restores and maintains muscle and joint mobility. It encompasses a range of physical rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques that aim for the betterment of your day to day life.

Chiropractic Services Surrey

Chiropractic treatment involves manual therapy which may include spinal manipulation. A combination of techniques are used to better align the body, relieve pain, and stimulate healing.

Massage Therapy Surrey

Manual therapy performed by a registered massage therapist plays an essential part in reducing pain and increasing mobility during rehabilitative care.


Kinesiologists use an extensive study of movement to treat a wide range of physiological and biomechanical conditions.

Acupuncture Surrey

Rooted in Chinese medicine, acupuncture involves the strategic insertion of thin needles into the body to relieve pain.

Sports Rehab Surrey BC

A specialized branch of physiotherapy which focuses on issues related to athletic injuries


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Same Day Appointments Available

Our new online booking system allows you to choose a treatment time and location that best suits you. Simply fill out our appointment form.

Physiotherapy Center Surrey

At Synergy Rehab, We Promise

modern equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment & facilities to ensure treatments are of the highest quality. This includes shockwave, IMS, cold laser etc.

direct billing

We offer direct billing to your insurance provider so you don’t have to fill out the paperwork.

integrated patient network

Whether you go to our Greater Vancouver clinics or one of our Surrey clinics, your treatment history is accessible to all the locations.

one on one treatment

Offering treatment that is closed door and directly tailored to you with one of our certified specialists in a clean environment.

open 7 days a week

Some of our locations are open late and 7 days a week so you never have to miss a treatment.

16+ locations

We have 16+ locations in the lower mainland that are within 15 minutes apart from each other.


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