Pre/Post Natal Therapy

Pre/Post Natal Therapy Surrey BC

No two pregnancy journeys are alike. Your pre/post physiotherapy and massage therapy plans shouldn’t be either.

During pregnancy, your muscles, ligaments, and joints experience significant changes as the baby grows. The collective increase in pressure on your internal organs can lead to many conditions such as back pain, pelvic pain, rib pain or thoracic discomfort, pubic symphysis pain, abdominal pain, and urinary incontinence. Pre-natal physiotherapy can make delivery safer and aid in postpartum recovery.

Our pre-natal therapists will help you:

Pregnancy and delivery can significantly change the function and anatomy of a woman’s abdominal wall and pelvic floor. In turn, women often develop bad posture to compensate. These habits can further increase the pressure on joints, muscles, and organs.

Our post-natal therapists will help prevent complications such as: