Sports Rehab

Aug 24

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Sports physiotherapy focuses on issues related to athletic injuries. These differ from everyday injuries due to the nature of the demand placed on an athlete’s body, which requires high level performance and can cause a great deal of stress on the muscles, joints and bones.

At Synergy Rehab, our specially trained sports physiotherapists provide methods to treat athletic injuries, restore lost function and mobility, and prevent future injuries. We have a proven track record in helping elite athletes return to their sport quickly and safely.

Youth Sports Therapy

Our talented team of professionals also has a wealth of experience in dealing with youth sports injuries, and can effectively implement a wide range of rehabilitation therapies designed specifically for youths, as well as providing education about the skills and techniques that can be used to optimize sports performance while preventing injury.

Our Approach:

  • Utilise exercise principles to enhance performance while preventing injury
  • Provide timely and effective treatment for injuries to promote a healthy quality of life
  • Conduct thorough assessments and where appropriate, refer the patient for specialist advice and treatment
  • Use massage therapy techniques to treat and manage sports injuries
  • Design and implement custom-made rehabilitation plans, while providing appropriate guidance

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