ICBC & WorkSafe Claims

How Much Does Worksafe Cover?

Healthcare ServicePre-authorized Treatments


How Much Does ICBC Cover?

Whether at fault or not

Healthcare ServicePre-authorized Treatments
Massage Therapy12


How can your Insurance help you?

1. Contact ICBC

Before reporting a claim you will need

a) The license plate number of each vehicle involved

b) Driver’s license number of each vehicle

c) Insurance information for vehicles not insured by ICBC

You can place a direct call to 604-520-8222 or report a claim online at All parties involved in an MVA accident, no matter the fault, are eligible for ICBC treatment benefits.

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2. Effective Treatment Plan

The next step to successful recovery after an automotive accident is to set up an effective treatment plan! We will require:

A) Your First and Last Name
B) Your ICBC Insurance Claim number
C) MVA Date

Call us at any of our locations to get your treatments started right away. Our experienced team will get your treatment started as soon as possible to minimize recovery time.
Treatment must occur within 12 weeks of your MVA date. Any unused or new treatments will require subsequent approval from your ICBC Claims Specialist.

3. Cost of treatments are covered

If your MVA claim is approved, ICBC will cover the cost of your treatments for the first 12 weeks after your accident. Seeing as every injury varies in severity and recovery time, some patients may find they need additional treatments. If this is the case, our ICBC Support team will contact your Claims Specialist to get supplementary treatments approved.

If you follow your personalized treatment plan as well as present a valid need for additional treatments, ICBC may approve this request and extend your coverage.

“Our patients are important to us and our team will provide the best in class treatment to get you recovered faster”