Clinical Counselling

Clinical Counselling

Clinical counseling uses mental health techniques to help patients achieve personal insights, and cope with chronic pain and rehabilitative challenges.

As part of our holistic multidisciplinary approach, Synergy Rehab offers clinical counseling to help you overcome and manage painful conditions. Due to the taxing toll rehabilitation can have on the body and mind, we often combine medical care and counseling to treat traumatic injuries and chronic pain.

Our compassionate clinical counselors provide a client-centered safe space that seeks to nourish overall emotional, mental and physical health.

Despite the persistence of pain, there are various mental health techniques we teach our patients to improve the relationships they have with their condition, self, loved-ones, and healthcare providers. Empowering our patients with the right tools to effectively communicate their emotions and concerns is a large part of the recovery journey; and we’re here every step of the way.

Therapeutic benefits:

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