8 Myths about Neck Pain

Are you guilty of believing in popular neck pain myths you come across on TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms? Have your symptoms worsened since you followed online hacks?

We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. Several Synergy Rehab patients come through our doors concerned by myths and misconceptions about neck pain. Nearly 50% of the population experiences neck pain at some point in life. It’s important to know the myths concerning neck pain, so you can know how to effectively avoid injury and discomfort.


What causes neck pain?

First, let’s look at the anatomy of the neck.

Your cervical spine and neck contain seven bony vertebrae that make up the spinal column. Flexible cartilage discs between each vertebra act as shock absorbers. Your spinal cord, which sits inside the spinal column, has multiple nerves. And various muscles and ligaments support your head and neck.

Typically, neck pain results from injury to one or more of these structures. Acute neck pain is usually not serious and will go away in a couple of weeks. But some conditions can last longer if left untreated.

Some common causes of neck pain include:

  • Muscle strain
  • Injury
  • Age-related wear and tear
  • Herniated disc
  • Osteoporosis


8 Myths about Neck Pain:

Myth 1: Neck pain is always caused by a spinal problem.
Neck pain can be related to muscle strains, overuse, weakness, nerve irritation, stress, and posture. The spine may only be one part of the equation.


Myth 2: Only older people get neck pain.
Neck pain occurs in nearly all populations, including those that spend excessive amounts of time sedentary, sitting, and in poor posture (think about your phone posture).


Myth 3: Surgery is the best treatment option for neck pain.
Surgery is typically a last resort for neck pain because there are many non-invasive treatments available that provide truly effective relief without the risks and recovery process required for surgical treatments. We also offer treatments that can help relieve discomfort due to unsuccessful spine or neck surgery.


Myth 4: Whiplash only happens during car accidents.
Whiplash is caused by the rapid back-and-forth movement of your neck that’s often a consequence of rear-end collisions. This forceful and unexpected movement, which can damage bones, strain ligaments and muscles, and inflame nerves in the neck, also occurs during accidental falls, sports injuries, and other traumatic events. Even a seemingly minor injury can lead to neck discomfort associated with whiplash.


Myth 5: Neck pain will resolve on its own.
Without treatment, you’re only prolonging the discomfort in your neck. And remember, treatment involves education, awareness, hands-on techniques, and corrective exercise.


Myth 6: Desk jobs don’t cause neck pain.
Long hours spent in front of a computer, frequent use of a cell phone, and other screen activities associated with work and social life are a primary cause of chronic neck pain due to poor posture.


Myth 7: Imaging is related to your neck pain.
Though imaging can tell you what’s happening structurally at the neck, it doesn’t always relate to your neck pain. In fact, some studies have shown that nearly 50% of adults may have neck arthritis with NO symptoms.


Myth 8: Rest is the best way to treat the neck.
Resting and immobilizing the neck can further aggravate neck symptoms, such as muscle stiffness and weakness. Movement can accelerate healing of the neck.

Fix Your Neck Pain at Synergy Rehab

Nobody should have to live with chronic neck pain. Our expert physiotherapists can develop a treatment strategy that relieves you of current symptoms and reduces your risk of future issues. Don’t fall for myths. Schedule an appointment at Synergy Rehab today.