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Our dedicated team in King George is delighted to offer unparalleled physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments, complemented by massage therapy and a wide array of rehabilitation services. Whatever your requirements may be, we’re fully equipped to meet all your needs!


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Physiotherapy Services In King George

At Synergy Rehab King George, we take pride in delivering superior physiotherapy services within a nurturing setting aimed at restoring your energy and mobility. Our skilled therapists design personalized treatment programs specifically for your needs, guaranteeing top-quality care that aids in your transition back to everyday tasks.

Choose our King George physiotherapy center for a dedicated and successful path to recovery, backed by our devotion to your complete health and wellness!

Best Physiotherapy & Chiropractor Near You In King George, BC

At Synergy Rehab King George, we’re committed to delivering exceptional Physiotherapy and Chiropractic care, perfectly positioned to accommodate your health and wellness demands. Our center is proud to offer an expansive range of services aimed at resolving various health issues and facilitating your swift recuperation to achieve your best physical well-being.

8056 King George Blvd #101, Surrey, BC V3W 5B5

To schedule your appointment, contact us today: +16045039033

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

What do Our King George Patients Say?

Avtar Singh BhathalAvtar Singh Bhathal
00:46 06 Mar 24
Anam my physiotherapist is very professional her communication skills are very good. And she knows her Job very well. She is excellent. I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks you.
Dexter AndersonDexter Anderson
21:58 01 Mar 24
This place was amazing. KIND AND PROFESSIONAL STAFF. walked out feeling amazing
Arnel ConopioArnel Conopio
01:26 27 Feb 24
The best RMT
Kushant MalhotraKushant Malhotra
21:37 23 Feb 24
I would like to express my gratitude to the front desk staff and Dr. Binant for their friendly and professional demeanor during my physiotherapy session. Honestly, it was a very positive experience, and the entire clinic did an excellent job in taking care of me.
Emilson BernardezEmilson Bernardez
22:38 21 Feb 24
Ramandeep Johal RMTHe was awesomevery professional and excellent service
Aman GillAman Gill
18:27 16 Feb 24
I really appreciate the way tanvee Gandhi treated me during my physiotherapy sessions. Highly Recommend her she know her job Real well! Let her know what your problem is and she will handle it of you. With lots of knowledge and experience
elena zelena z
02:59 05 Feb 24
Highly recommend . I was reffered by my GP due to my arthritis. Right from the start i felt so welcomed by receptionist representative . My physiotherapist explained in details the plan and guided me in my recovery period. I started to feel healing after the first session. Thank you so much . Dont look any further this place is amazing.
07:02 31 Jan 24
I had an exceptional experience at Synergy Rehab with Sunnyan Sharma, their incredible physiotherapist. She not only relieved my pain but also exhibited remarkable skills in pinpointing the exact source of discomfort. Her expertise and personalized approach truly set her apart. The staff were not only highly professional but also incredibly friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the moment I walked in. I highly recommend Synergy Rehab for anyone seeking top-notch care and a supportive environment for their rehabilitation journey.
Wendell AdrianoWendell Adriano
03:41 16 Jan 24
I have been going to Dr Tanvee for over 10 weeks for ICBC Physio. She is truly the best at her job, she helped me recover from my car accident. She really cared about her me, checking up on me and during the session she great at conversation very easy going person. Overall, she's the best and I would only go to her.
Harshal DhingraHarshal Dhingra
20:26 17 Nov 23
You really opened my eyes to the power of chiropractic care! And, as this was my second time using it and my first experience with someone other was not good . I was completely in awe of how it helped me. I am very grateful for the synergy, has given me for the relief of pain and much comfort with my shoulder and lower back. Sanjeet Aujla is very thoughtful and caring when I started treatment.

Best Rehabilitation Services In King George

In King George, we offer an extensive array of rehabilitation services, featuring no-cost treatments for ICBC claims. Our center is dedicated to providing exceptional care across numerous services, guaranteeing a personalized and encouraging route to recovery. Opt for our King George location for a customized and effective rehabilitation journey!


Physiotherapy in King George focuses on renewing and enhancing muscle and joint function. Utilizing various rehabilitation and preventive methods, it encourages active patient participation in their recovery. Facilitating education on maintenance and prevention, it ensures a sustainable return to daily activities and prevents future injuries.

Chiropractic Services Surrey

Our King George chiropractic services employ manual techniques like spinal adjustments to align the body, relieve pain, and encourage natural healing. This care extends beyond pain relief, aiming to improve overall body function and wellness for a holistic health approach.

Massage Therapy Surrey

In King George, our skilled massage therapists provide crucial treatments to reduce pain and improve mobility, essential for comprehensive rehabilitation. Beyond immediate relief, these treatments aim to enhance long-term wellness, addressing underlying tension and promoting stress reduction.


Kinesiology in King George offers a deep dive into human movement, addressing a wide range of issues from a scientific standpoint. This service not only tackles immediate concerns but also employs preventive strategies to avoid future physical challenges.

Acupuncture Surrey

Our acupuncture services in King George, based on traditional Chinese medicine, use strategic needle placements to alleviate pain. This approach not only focuses on symptom relief but also aims to restore overall balance and health within the body.

Sports Rehab Surrey BC

Tailored for athletes in King George, our sports rehabilitation provides targeted physiotherapy for rapid recovery and optimal performance post-injury. This service includes personalized conditioning programs to prevent future injuries and enhance athletic longevity.


We create customized recovery plans for King George residents affected by car accidents, addressing specific post-accident challenges. These plans are comprehensive, covering both physical rehabilitation and strategies for dealing with the emotional aftermath of accidents.

Acupuncture Surrey

In King George, our clinic delivers specialized ICBC Physiotherapy, aiding recovery with personalized plans approved by ICBC for effective post-accident care. We also navigate the administrative aspects, ensuring a smooth process for our patients.

Sports Rehab Surrey BC

Our Worksafe Physiotherapy in King George offers targeted care for recovering from workplace injuries, with treatment plans ensuring a safe return to work. Additionally, we focus on workplace ergonomics and injury prevention training to safeguard against future incidents.

Discover personalized Chiropractic Care At Synergy Rehab King George

Explore tailored chiropractic solutions at Synergy Rehab in King George, where we place your health journey at the forefront. Our proficient chiropractors in King George are dedicated to developing customized treatment strategies that meet your specific health needs, focusing on comprehensive healing and enduring health. Whether you’re addressing an injury, combating chronic pain, or seeking to enhance your general physical health, we provide:

Discover the benefits of individualized attention at Synergy Rehab King George. Schedule your visit now and start your journey towards a healthier and more dynamic lifestyle!

Get Back on Track with Physiotherapy in King George

Synergy Rehab King George excels in offering bespoke physiotherapy options designed around your health priorities. Our professionals focus on:

Connect with our expert physiotherapists at Synergy Rehab King George and quickly improve your physical health and wellness.

Experience Relief with Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy at Synergy Rehab King George focuses on the therapeutic manipulation of soft body tissues including muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues. Our professional therapists customize their approach with different levels of pressure and movement to address specific health issues, relieve pain, and aid in the recovery process, particularly after accidents involving trauma.

ICBC and WorkSafe Physiotherapy Services In King George

At Synergy Rehab King George, we excel in managing ICBC and WorkSafe Physiotherapy claims, offering tailored assistance for complete recovery. Whether facing the aftermath of an automobile accident or a job-related injury, our clinic is equipped to facilitate your rehabilitation journey with ICBC and WorkSafeBC claims assistance. We provide a wide selection of customized treatment solutions to meet your individual needs.

Collaborate With a Professional Team At Synergy Rehab King George

Trust in the expertise of our celebrated physiotherapists in King George for outstanding physiotherapy support during your recovery process. We connect with you personally to identify the root cause of your pain and provide the most efficient approaches for a speedy and comprehensive recovery.

Contact our King George physiotherapy clinic now to book your first appointment, and embark on your journey to recovery with a team dedicated to prioritizing your health and wellness!

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Our advanced online reservation platform caters specifically to the citizens of King George, providing seamless scheduling for your ease. Choose a consultation time and venue that blends smoothly with your lifestyle. Fill out our simple booking form to commence your path to enhanced health and wellness!

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Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are qualified in a range of rehabilitation techniques, treatments and specialisations, including physiotherapy, kinesiology, massage therapy, chiropractic services, and many more.

Physiotherapy Center Surrey

At Synergy Rehab In King George, We Promise:

Modern Equipment

At our King George location, immerse yourself in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that deliver unmatched treatment quality. Our offerings include advanced technologies like shockwave therapy and cold laser therapy.

Direct Billing

In King George, we ease your health journey by directly billing your insurance provider, taking the paperwork hassle off your shoulders. Concentrate on your recovery; we handle the administrative details.

Integrated Patient Network

Your treatment history follows you across our network, whether you're at our King George clinic or another location, ensuring you receive seamless and integrated care wherever you choose to go.

one on one treatment

Our commitment in King George is to provide personalized care. Each appointment is a private interaction with our certified professionals, designed to support your recovery in the most effective way.

open 7 days a week

Our King George facility is open every day to accommodate the demands of your busy schedule, ensuring you have timely access to the care you need, seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle.

15+ locations

Spanning over 15 locations across the Lower Mainland, including our fully-equipped center in King George, our extensive network ensures you're always close to receiving the comprehensive care you deserve, offering consistent and uninterrupted service.


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