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Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation Surrey BC

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation is a specialized form of physiotherapy that helps athletes to recover from painful injuries and regain optimal performance.

At Synergy Rehab, our specially trained sports physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating athletic sprains, strains and various other sports injuries. Whether you’re an avid snowboarder, cyclist, or new to the gym; we’ll help you get back on your feet and optimize your performance again.

Our team uses a combination of evidence-based rehabilitation techniques such as; traditional manual therapy, taping, bracing, therapeutic modalities and customized exercises specific to your sport. You’ll also have the expertise of our other specialists available to you should you require chiropractic care or regular massages.

We understand the demanding nature of performance sports, as well as the toll it takes on an athlete’s muscles, joints and bones. Our sports physiotherapists offer meaningful partnerships with proven track records in helping elite athletes return to their sports quickly and safely. If you’re already at the top of your game, we’re here to keep you safe. Our team can customize a sport-specific injury prevention program to reduce your risk of future injuries. We go as far as to assist with sports performance enhancements through supporting and assessing the fit of your gear!

Youth Sports Therapy

We also have a soft spot for budding, young athletes. Synergy Rehab has helped many of the Lower Mainland’s bright young athletes to recover from multifaceted sports injuries, and empower them with better techniques to optimize performance and prevent recurring injuries.

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