Your Guide to Low Back Pain: Prevention and Exercises

Low back pain affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle working long hours at a desk or engage in physically demanding activities, understanding the causes of low back pain and adopting preventive measures can significantly improve your overall well-being.  In this post, we explore the causes of low back […]

6 Reasons you May Have Back Pain on Only One Side

84% of adults will experience back pain, specifically lower back pain, over the course of their lifetime. The exact location and type of pain you’re in gives a clearer indication of what may be the source of your discomfort. Read on to discover the symptoms and potential causes for what your one-sided back pain may mean. […]

Different Types of Rehabilitation Therapy and Their Unique Benefits

A therapist performing rehabilitating a patient

Your doctor may recommend rehabilitation therapy to help you recover from a serious injury, surgery, or stroke. Rehabilitation therapy allows you to regain strength, regain lost skills, or find new ways to do activities that you find challenging now. Rehabilitation therapy can take many forms, however, in this article, we will discuss active, physio, and […]

Preventing Injuries While Raking

As the colder seasons quickly approach, leaves have also begun changing colours and falling from the trees. With this comes every homeowner’s dreaded chore of raking leaves. Although you may not suspect it, raking leaves can put you at risk for injuries. This is especially true for people with preexisting conditions, such as aches and […]

Managing Back Pain While Flying

During 2020, we all felt the restlessness that came with being confined to our homes. With traveling restrictions now beginning to ease up in many countries, finally getting to take a vacation may be on your mind. However, airplane rides can be long and tiring – especially for people with pre-existing back and neck problems. […]

Relieving Neck and Back Pain at Your Desk

Why are you feeling neck and back pain at your desk? You may not realize it, but the culprit may be as simple as your workspace setup.  After a long day of working at your desk, it isn’t uncommon to feel pain and aches in your neck when you get up at the end of […]