Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular Therapy Surrey BC

Vestibular therapy is an exercise-based treatment that enhances gaze and postural stability, as well as daily activities that relate to the vestibular system.

A vestibular or inner ear balance disorder can be severely disorientating, but don’t worry, your condition can be treated by our team of experienced physiotherapists.

After assessing and diagnosing your symptoms of dizziness, visual disturbances or postural imbalance; we will customize an exercise plan to stabilize your vestibular system. These exercises will primarily be in the form of simple but strategic head movements, which play a crucial role in stimulating and reprogramming the vestibular system.

At Synergy Rehab, we have successfully treated a range of vestibular disorders. Our course of treatment has also addressed related conditions such as; nausea, difficulty concentrating, and chronic fatigue.

Conditions treated:

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