10 Reasons Why you should Seek a Massage Therapist (Demo)

Have you ever heard someone saying ‘No’ to a good massage? Probably, you haven’t! Because they know massage is good and instant mood-lifter. Not only this, massage therapy is an easy cure for your sore muscles, cramps, and muscle injuries. You might have sought a massage therapist either to relax or to cure any specific muscle complaint. According to research massage therapy may positively contribute to either goal.

Keeping simplicity aside, massage therapists manipulate the muscles and tissues of the human body via the application of gentle hand pressure to them. It is good to know that from rehabilitation to relax, people get massages for a variety of reasons.

Did you know?

‘According to a survey, 67% of the individuals who received a massage in the last 12 months was due to either any medical condition (41%) or stress-related symptoms (26%)’

Massage therapists offer invaluable services to individuals having muscle pain and want to recover from muscle injuries as well as individuals who experience stress go for massage therapy. There is no doubt that massage therapists help individuals speed up their healing process, improve blood circulation, and restore the emotional balance. You will be thinking why do I need to seek a massage therapist, to answer your question, below mentioned are the few key reasons.

1. Reduction in Osteoarthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis occurs when wear or tear in muscle breaks down the cartilage cushions present between joints that leads to stiffness and pain in muscles.

If you are a patient of osteoarthritis or you know anyone in your acquaintance who suffers from this muscle condition, you need to seek a massage therapist. This is because, massage therapy relieves muscle pain surrounding the knee, wrist, elbow, or hip joints, release muscle stiffness and enhance the range of motion.

2. Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, seeking massage therapy can be the best option for you. An expert massage therapist can help you rejuvenate your body. Good massage therapy promotes healthy sleep for people of any age. Individuals having sleep disturbance due to migraine, medical surgery, or any mental health condition. Be it any reason causing sleep disturbance, seeking a massage therapist can lead you to experience better sleep.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Paying a visit to the massage therapist even for once can lead you to many health benefits. Think about what would happen, if you make a habit of visiting your massage therapist.  The long-term benefit that you can experience having massage therapy is improved blood circulation, specifically in your congested areas that are getting deprived of oxygen.

The hands-on pressure applied to muscles improves the blood flow in the body. Not only this, but massage also flushes the lactic acid out of your tired muscles and therefore, reducing muscle fatigue and providing you a relaxing and soothing experience.

4. Reduction in Muscle Tension

Not only patients suffering from high blood pressure, professional athletes and individuals like us who follow a simple workout routine, can get benefits from massage therapy. For athletes, there is specific sports massage that can help them in enhancing their muscle flexibility, range of motion, speed up recovery, and extend their running mileage. If you are an athlete too and haven’t visited massage therapist yet, go and receive sports massage that suits you.

5. Improved Flexibility

Whether you are an athlete or non-athlete, in either case, massage therapy can help you improve muscle flexibility. You might think about how massage therapy works in enhancing flexibility? This is because massage therapists using gentle touch therapies improve the passive body movements that improve the flow of oxygen, release the muscle tension and enhance the flexibility of your muscles and joints.

6. Boost Immunity

Ever wondered something that is done outside can help boost things inside your body? Some might think that this is merely a marketing trick done by massage therapists and owners of the spa offering different massage therapies. But you need to believe massage therapy as different researches back it up.

In one research, HIV patients that received massage therapy for 45 minutes and across 5 days sessions experienced improved cell production that in turn improved their immune system. Not only this, but massage therapy is also helpful in improving the cytotoxic capacity of the human immune system.