Benefits of Active Rehabilitation

What is Active Rehabilitation? Active Rehabilitation is a light exercise program designed by a Kinesiologist or a physical therapistto increase the functionality level of a human body and address injuries.The purpose of this program is to treat those patients who are suffering from physical injuries and unable to perform normally.           […]

ICBC Canadian Road Accidents

We all got Goosebumps when we hear about the accident. Suddenly a thing clicks the mind with fear and deep suspicion. It is serious when we never think about it, and we have no assertion behind it. For overcoming the hurdles, we will check the entire setting for you. Before going through ICBC and Car […]

Heal Causes of your Shoulder Pain with Physical Therapy

Do you have shoulder pain? Did you know that the shoulder pain can be an outcome of rotator cuff damage? Yes! You’ve heard it right. Shoulder pain comes along with some specific motions resulting from rotator cuff issues.   No doubt shoulders are a complex part of the human body. Shoulders are the most flexible […]

Suffering from Sciatica Pain? Top Indicators that you must see Physiotherapist

For sure, pain in your back is a real annoyance. Back pain can greatly interrupt your sleeping pattern, your ability to exercise and work. But wait! Pain can be worrisome when it is radiating down into backside and leg that can severely impact your life. Yes! This is the sciatica pain. Many people associate sciatica […]

How Physiotherapy Can Help With Back Pain

If you’ve ever had any type of back pain, you’ll know that it can range anywhere on a scale from nuisance to debilitating. As off-putting as it may be to hear, the best thing to do with back pain is to move. When we don’t move our muscles and stay active, our problems will only […]

Top Most Common Sports Injuries and their Treatment (Demo)

Are you fond of watching and playing sports? Or are you an athlete by yourself? Playing sports is an essential facet of a healthy lifestyle. Everybody knows playing sports can be beneficial for the human body. But one should also know that sports are physically demanding and playing hard can put your body at risk […]

Top Reasons why you should seek Acupuncture Treatment (Demo)

In this technological age, digital devices have not only restricted your body movement, but it brings a significant impact on your mental health also. What if I tell you a treatment that will help solve many of your physical and mental health problems? You must be wondering is it even possible through one single treatment? […]

Benefits of Rehabilitation Treatment after Surgery (Demo)

Rehabilitation takes effort and time, but it’s worth it! People who have just had their surgery done, their minds will be telling them that it’s now the time to return to their old routines. But wait! It’s too earlier to think. Because your body says ‘Not that Fast’. However, to speed up your recovery, you […]