ICBC Canadian Road Accidents

We all got Goosebumps when we hear about the accident. Suddenly a thing clicks the mind with fear and deep suspicion. It is serious when we never think about it, and we have no assertion behind it. For overcoming the hurdles, we will check the entire setting for you. Before going through ICBC and Car Accidents, firstly we should know about ICBC.
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia states the active rehabilitation that aids in the accident-related stuff. It assists the improvement by funding and provides required elements in the treatment of the car accident victims. ICBC is hosting the corporation with a huge privilege. It is associated with the Canadian road accident. However, it affects the lineage in a confounding way.

                            Image: ICBC

Car Accidents:

The mishaps can transpire anywhere at any time. No one can say what is going to be the next. Car accidents are prevalent nowadays due to awful engine qualities, poor edifice roads, and many more.

ICBC and car accidents are associated with one another as ICBC provides the bounty for the car accident in the forms of allied exercising departments of ICBC. Similarly, therapeutic involvement leads to conducted treatment by the kinesiology department.

Road Accidents:

Road accidents prevail a devastating impact all over. It is formal everywhere in the world. Here or there, no one is aware of this. The road accidents are associates with the following patterns:

Pedestrian Accidents:

We all know that walking on the roadside can be dangerous. However, ICBC ensures the policy of roadside car accidents. Even you have got an accident on side-walking. For a claim of the road accident, you have to mention:

  • When you have got an accident in a hit-and-run case.
  • You have faced a robbery.
  • You have been witnessed for some other case.
  • Some traffic or collision problems.

Other Accidents:

You can face road accidents with these manifestations:

  • When you have faced a traffic signal or crossing problem
  • You have got a stationary crash.
  • Highway crash or lane-crossing collision
  • Moving right or left on the road
  • Turning around, over-taking, passing, and parking lots crash.
  • Day crash or night crash
  • Back-ups on road
  • Other interferences while crossing the road


Canadian Road Accidents:

Various researches show that most of Canada’s accidents are due to the negligence of drivers like carelessness during driving, drunk driving, and many others.

                             Image: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada/Car Accident

There are more than enough collision cases in Canada, that intact the policies of ICBC to record the data about Canadian accidents. ICBC’s record the information. In case of any damage to the vehicle during a road accident or any deterioration of cash.

You will report ICBC in case of:

  • For that, you must have a Canadian ID for the report of a current road accident.
  • You must have an authentic reason for claiming the report of a road accident.
  • The appropriate case of robbery or license stealing.
  • You must have a strong insurance command for reporting the fraud case or roadside accidents.
  • Proper registration of the Canadian vehicle is essential.
  • ICBC focuses on the safety and security of the claimed carriage that has been eroded in the roadside accident.

Treatment and Therapy with ICBC:

Therapeutic rehabilitation is correlating to the treatment of car accident victims. For this definition of perfection. ICBC and Car accidents it ensures the therapy with it’s a high-class department performance like:

  • Physiotherapy: For the lower back, shoulder, joint, neck pain, ankle pain, hernia ion, soft tissue, or bone breakdown of the car accident patient.

Image: Physiotherapy Diagram


  • Kinesiology: The muscle movement process in the correct way for patients with low muscle movement, back pain, decreased core and stability, poor posture, overall fitness, and many more.


  • Massage therapy: ICBC uses professionals for the relaxation of the body of patients. The motive of massage therapy is increased muscle flexibility. As well as blood flow, decreased blockage, and pain reduced stress, and many more.

                       Image:  Massage therapy

  • Other treatments: ICBC is the perfect layout of the procedure for car accident patients. The other services include chiropractic, clinical counseling, cold laser therapy, IMS, shockwave therapy, and many more.



ICBC Claims as well as Treatment and Therapy with Synergy Rehabilitation:

At Synergy Rehabilitation, exceptionally talented group of specialists is focused on offering the most excellent types of assistance in a range of stunning, world-class facilities. Cooperative energy has built up notoriety for being a social insurance pioneer in the networks.

They serve by banding together with gatherings and occasions, and spotlight on the proceeding with training of their specialists guarantees that they keep on offering best in class restoration medicines and methods for a wide range of wounds and conditions.

With just 3 simple steps, you will reach the world class treatment and therapy of Synergy Rehabilitation.

Step-1:       Once you have your ICBC Insurance claim number you are eligible to start receiving Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Active Rehabilitation (Kinesiology) treatments for your injuries.


The next step is to Call Synergy (604) 503-1688 and gets your treatments started right away. The experienced recovery team of Synergy will help walk you through the process of getting the necessary treatments needed to get you feeling better. The goal of Synergy is to get your treatments started within a few days of your accident since this helps improve your recovery time. After successfully starting the treatment or therapy in Synergy you will get 12 treatments for message therapy, 25 treatments for physiotherapy, 25 treatments for chiropractic treatment and 25 treatments for active rehabilitation.


As long as your accident claim is approved ICBC will cover your treatment costs for the first 12 weeks after your motor vehicle accident. It’s important to remember that everyone’s recovery from automobile accident injuries is different and you may find additional treatments are required after 12 weeks. If further treatments are required Synergy ICBC Support team will contact your Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster) to seek approval for additional treatments. As long as you are diligent in following your personalized treatment plan established by healthcare team of Synergy, and there is a legitimate need for additional treatments, ICBC may approve the request.