Arthritis Pain can drive you Insane – Top Best Methods to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, pain can drive people insane. Pain not only affects your mood, but it also affects your productivity and the way you express yourself. People who are in pain are only concerned about seeking relief. Arthritis pain can also drive you crazy as it can prevent you from carrying out daily activities. This pain can greatly hinder your ability to live life the way you want.

Arthritis pain is caused by the disease arthritis. Before delving into why this condition is so painful and what one can do to relieve arthritis pain. Let’s first take a closer look to what exactly is Arthritis?

What is Arthritis?

The pain that is associated with joint movements is referred to as Arthritis. In other words, it is a joint disorder that is characterised by pain, inflammation, and stiffness in joint. There might be a loss in movement too, as joints become so inflamed to move. Arthritis is usually considered as the condition that afflicts elderly people; however, in reality, it can strike people of all ages.


Arthritis can be caused by a number of reasons that may include lifestyle habits and genetics. To deal with arthritis pain, many people turn to medications for pain management. Several people who have Arthritis are unable to work, and some might go on disability. Overall, arthritis pain hampers the mobility and the overall quality of one’s life.

Before delving into the best methods to relieve arthritis pain, let’s look into the types of Arthritis that cause pain. To date, there are 100s of different Arthritis.


Types of Arthritis

  • Monoarthritis– if a single joint is involved in Arthritis.
  • Oligoarthritis– when two or more joints are involved.
  • Osteoarthritis- it is referred to as the reduction in joint cartilage due to wear and tear with the passing age. This type of Arthritis causes bones to rub that lead to swelling and pain.
  • Metabolic Arthritis- it is developed when the uric acid in the joint builds up and deposits in joints, particularly in feet. Kidney dysfunctioning can be the cause of this Arthritis.
  • Inflammatory Arthritis- intense inflammation is developed in joints due to the overactive immune system.


Now without further ado, let’s explore the top best methods to relieve arthritis pain.


Methods to Relieve Arthritis Pain

·       Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one best and proven method to reduce arthritis pain. This therapy has numerous benefits such as it enhances the range of motion, joint strength, as well as joint stability. It is free from the side effects and risks of anti-inflammatory medications. In case you have mild to moderate symptoms of Arthritis, physical therapy can do wonders for you.


How Physical Therapist can help you

Physical therapists aim to preserve a good range of motion and increase strength while reducing stress on joints. Physical therapists initially carry out the thorough assessment as everybody has unique needs based on the type of Arthritis and therefore, requires unique treatment.

Furthermore, physical therapists work with arthritis patients to control their weight via different exercises and diet plans. Besides, physical therapists help reduce arthritis pain by improving the posture of patients to reduce stress on joints.


Physical therapists also suggest arthritis patients about specific exercise regimens, schedules for sleep and rest to complement exercises. It is quite beneficial for patients to reduce joint pain and inflammation.


Physical therapy also involves manual therapy. It is one proven method for soft tissue and joint mobilisation. Also, deep tissue massage therapy can be part of the treatment plan to relieve arthritis pain. Precisely speaking, all of these passive modalities enhance the blood flow, relieve pain and inflammation of joints as well as enhance mobility.


·       Weight Loss

No doubt, healthy weight is crucial for the overall wellbeing. A healthy weight can greatly reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as cancer. But did we mention, maintaining a healthy weight can also relieve the arthritis pain? Believe me; weight loss works better than medications for pain management.

This is because obesity can exacerbate the symptoms of Arthritis. Therefore, weight loss is one effective way to manage symptoms. In this regard, physical therapists can greatly help by creating weight loss programs for you. By losing weight, you can take the pressure off your joints; also, it will help increase blood flow throughout the body.


·       Exercise

Believe it or not, painful joints can bother you less once you have started using them more. It is quite tempting for arthritis patients to rest to reduce joint pain. However, you would wonder to know that regular exercise can help you manage arthritis pain. Some people might fear injuries due to exercise, especially when their joints are inflamed. But light stretching and exercises can enhance your range of motion, especially in the affected areas.

Here, physical therapists can help you find effective exercise programs that suit your arthritis symptoms. Not only this, but physical therapists will also demonstrate you the proper techniques about exercises. Also, they will help you with how to wear accessories like wraps and braces, if necessary.

·       Time to Change your Shoes

Arthritis patients often ignore the effect of their footwear, especially when they have Arthritis of the knee. Undoubtedly, knee disability is one of the aggravating and painful conditions in osteoarthritis. Therefore, medical professionals can suggest special footwear to relieve immediate arthritis pressure on lower body weight.

You can also add insoles into your present shoes to relieve the pressure on lower body joints that bear your weight. As an added benefit, correct shoes can improve your walking patterns without pain.


·       Use Heat and Cold to Your Advantage

Temperature matters in arthritis pain. Arthritis patients can use different temperatures to their advantage. Some common ways to relieve arthritis pain include a warm bath, as well as the use of a heat pack, can reduce pain with time. In some cases, arthritis patients find relief in pain by using cold packs that lower the inflammation and swelling in joints.

In order to reduce arthritis pain even more, arthritis patients are advised to alternate heat and cold packs wherein heat provides soothing comfort while cold reduces inflammation. However, individuals suffering from Arthritis are still advised to consult a medical professional to leverage from accurate procedures to apply heat and cold.


Final Verdict


If you are the one suffering from arthritis pain, methods mentioned above can help you reduce your unbearable pain and get your life back on track. Overall, the combination of methods like weight loss, physical therapy, change of footwear, heat and cold back, regular exercises, can help manage regular discomfort.